Patent Downloader

Bibliographic Data

Beside the List Processor there is a further surcharge-requiring module, which downloads – if available – bibliographic data and fulltext while downloading the patent.

Additional, with this module it is possible to lookup the INPADOC legal status of a patent.

Where ist the bibliographic data stored? You can use two standard modules or you can order a custom-made module.

Bibliographic Data Stored as Annotion in the PDF-File

Titelseite EP1000000

The bibliographic data is embedded as an annotaion into the PDF file and can be inspected with the Acrobat reader. Example: EP 1000000 B1 (597 KByte)

Windows search in bibliographic data

Since these data in not compressed, it is possible to search for e.g. applicant or IPC with the windows search.

Bibliographic Data Stored in a Separate File

The bibliographic data are written into a separate file and can be evaluated later. Example: EP 1000000 B1 (1 KByte)

Custom-Made Solutions

If the module is custom-made it can match nearly any need. E.g. it can write the bibliographic data into a database.