Patent Downloader

System Requirements

PatBot and BaconPdf run on these versions of the operating system Microsoft Windows: 95, 98, SE and ME as well as NT, 2000, XP and Vista. Only the option List Processor needs Windows 2000 or higher. It is also possible to run PatBot on Linux systems, see here for more details.

The hardware or software requirements are plain. PatBot and BaconPdf are content with 486 and need no special system add-ons or other software. Only to view the patents you need a PDF-Viewer e.g. Adobe Reader or Acrobat.

Of course you need an internet connection. PatBot is able to work behind a firewall, HTTP-proxy or gateway.

With the installation of PatBot or BaconPdf no components are installed outside of the own directory and no changes in the system data are made.