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List processor

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The list processor is a surcharge-requiring module. It serves for processing texts or lists, which contain a multiplicity of patent numbers. At search is showed, how to request individual patent specifications from a patent search. The list processor does this automatically. It can pick out all patent numbers from a any text and download the patents. After all downloads are completed it will display the result of the downlaods.

There are nearly no requirements the text has to meet. The major advantage of the List Processor is its high flexibility. It can process text-files, HTML-files, Clipboard content or the content of its own text window. You only have to select the appropriate filter.

User of the List Processor have access to a growing plurality of Filters. And if you can't find a filter that matches your needs you can easily write your own filter or you can ask the author to do it for you.

You can order the List Processor with PatBot or later.

How does the List Processor work?

Screenshot Listenprozessor

The list processor is available in PatBot's Log-mode.

Select Filter Hereby you can select and call external filters, which process your text with patent numbers as mentioned above. The use of external filters guarantees optimum flexibility. On the PatBot homepage are prepared filters for different patent number formats available and sources.
There are e.g. filters, which extracts everything that looks like a patent number looks, from any text. There are also further filters, which select only marked patent number or which consider special patent number formats.

Source Depending upon the selected filter you can specify a source file with the […]-button. Other filters expect the data in certain sources as for example in the clipboard or in the text window of the list processor.

Info This causes the filter to display an info text

List This lists all patent numbers found in the source text.

Start This starts the download.

Check This button is intended for debugging a filter.

Clear Clears the test window.

Cancel Exit the List Processor.