Patent Downloader

Easy Access to Patents

This is your situation: You need a patent. Immediately. Maybe you want to resolve the references from a search report, or you need the result of patent search.

If you want to steer clear of interrupting your train of thought, you don't want to wait for your patent. Do you know, where you can order all the patents? The US patent from the 20's? An Australian patent? The translation of a Japanese patent or utility model? Legal Status? Patent family?

Accompanied by the rapid growth of the web the offer of free patent specifications becomes ever more largely — and ever more unclearly. And: The free offers are not suitable to be printed out or to be stored in form of only one file. Who ever tried to download and print a patent page by page will have noticed that this is – considering the own hourly rate – an expensive venture.

PatBot solves this problem: The name PatBot is a merging of the words Patent and Bot. A Bot (short form of Robot) is a program which is designated to collect data from the web. PatBot knows the servers, from which free patents are available. You enter only the patent or publication number. PatBot loads the individual sides and joins them into a compressed pdf-file, which can be stored and printed.