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Q: Can I use PatBot as a registered OPS user?
A: Since version 2.82 PatBot can use OPS anonymous or registerd. Please read for additional information. After your registration you can enter PatBot in "My Apps" and receive a "Consumer Key" and a "Consumer Secret Key" for the OPS server. Enter these keys into the PatBot Settings/Server/OPS.

Q: My antivirus software complains about patbot.exe being infected with AdWare.Win32.SideSearch.i, ADSPY/SideSearch.I.1, Adware Generic2.CE et cetera.
A: This is a false alarm. PatBot contains no adware. If in doubt use an online virus checker. You can upload the file patbot.exe to Virustotal checks the file using several antivirus engines.
Screenshot of scanning result english version
Screenshot of scanning result german version

Q: While downloading patents, especially JP translations, there occure somtimes yellow progress bars?
A: The yellow progress bars indicate transmission errors. Somtimes the JPO server cannot deliver the requested figures. PatBot retries to download the pages several times. Be patient ...

Q: The WIPO Server shows in its hit list for WO 01/010100 two A1 patents. Why?
A: There are really two different versions. Alwasy select the first item to get a 'Corrected Version'.

Q: How long will i get updates for PatBot?
A: Every customer gets the updates as long as there are updates for his version without any fee.

Q: I got a new computer. How to install PatBot on the new hardware?
A: There are three ways to install PatBot on a new computer.
1. Make a copy of the PatBot-folder on your new computer. You have to create shortcuts (desktop, start menu) to PatBot by your own.
2. Install PatBot with your PatBot-Installation and install the LAST update.
3. Install PatBot with your LAST update. You have to create shortcuts (desktop, start menu) to PatBot by your own.
In all cases you have to reenter your customer ID you got with the invoice.
Please note, that you have to delete the old PatBot-Installation unless you have a sufficient number of licences.