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Last change: 2018-03-23

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2.86Update per auto-update2018-03-23: Fixed: Problem with second Depatisnet Download.
2.85Update per auto-update2018-03-18: New: OPS Version 3.2. Problem with figures in landscape orientation solved.
2.82Update per auto-update2013-11-09: New: Registered User for OPS (see FAQ). Fixed: Depatisnet, WIPO, USPTO
2.81Update per auto-update2013-03-20: Fixed new OPS problem. New: Settings/Server/OPS.
2.80Update per auto-update2013-03-13: Fixed listprocessor problem with OPS.
2.79Update per auto-update2012-03-10: Fixed OPS.
2.78Update per auto-update2011-02-27: Fixed JPt and Depatisnet JPa, KR.
2.77Update per auto-update2010-09-26: Depatisnet JPa, USPTO changed, some small fixes.
2.75Update per auto-update2010-06-28: Depatisnet and WIPO changed.
2.74Update per auto-update2010-04-03: JPO changed (JPt and JP).
2.73Update per auto-update2010-02-09: Multiple changes.
2.72Update per auto-update2009-10-02: Depatisnet changes.
2.71Update per auto-update or per download-ticket for 2.70. if downloaded after 2009-05-142009-05-14: OPS-Error fixed.
2.70Update per download-ticket2009-05-12: New Installer, Auto-Update, OPS new, TWPAT new, SIPO + KIPRIS fixed.